Artist, designer, inventor, philosopher and athlete Alex Stenzel who also had a world ranking in three different sports: tennis, mountain-bike and triathlon( Ironman World Championships,Hawaii 1986)who had kept an eye on performance enhancing healthy foods, supplements and superfoods adapted a raw food diet into his life style.

In a raw food cookbook he had read about a recipe for a raw salad which had as its main ingredients cucumbers and kale. Stenzel liked it. It tasted fresh, it was light and made him feel good. It was the perfect snack for in between whether creative thinking or athletic activities. It was filling but light enough to not slow him down. Stenzel who is a firm believer in having lots of greens in once diet also had learned that gorillas eat lots of greens and are very strong and can bench press up to six times their own body weight 1800 pounds. “Who wouldn’t want to be as strong as a gorilla?!”

When a friend called to go surfing Stenzel wanted to take his freshly made salad with him. It was then when he had a creative spark and thought that instead of cutting the cucumber into the salad to carve it out and put the salad inside. He used the smaller half of the cucumber as a lid, turned it around and plugged it back into the larger cucumber container, fastened it with a sandwich pick, garnished it with an olive and wrapped it up.
He named it Gorilla Sandwich. Within a few month it sold at all major health food stores and Whole Food Markets in Los Angeles and took the raw food community by storm.

The word about the Gorilla Sandwich spread quickly in the vegan and raw food community and the media was praising it as one of the coolest and most original ideas in health food, the perfect snack, extremely portable, limitless possibilities for fillings, it’s travel friendliness and it’s yumminess. It has been named everything from a little gem to the perfect lunch.

As the health food community continued to be fascinated about the Gorilla Sandwich and health food stores wanted to put it on their menus  the Gorilla Sandwich became available under a licensing agreement to be sold over the counter as a freshly made sandwich and for distribution by manufactures.