Become A Reseller

Why should your shop or catering business sell Gorilla Sandwiches?

  • They are fresh, raw food, high in protein and alkaline
  • The can be wrapped up easily as over the counter sandwiches, stay fresh for couple of days and are very portable
  • Fillings and cucumber containers can be prepared ergonomically in batches once or twice per week
  • They are attractive, unique and will bring attention to your existing business
  • Gorilla Sandwich is a brand and is copyright protected and patented
  • Along with the licensing agreement you can also sell our merchandise
  • You become a member of our Gorilla Sandwich family and we list your shop’s location on our website
  • We provide you with promotional material: posters, logos and displays.
  • ┬áIt’s fun to be a Gorilla Chef

Please contact us for more info,

Your Gorilla Chef Team