Be a Gorilla Chef

You want to be a Gorilla Chef

Easy enough! Get our tool kit along with our tutorial CD and start coring out cucumbers and stuff them with healthy fillings.  If you like Gorilla Chef Alex Stenzel’s “Original” recipe you can purchase some of the ingredients that might be hard to find at your local store in our online shop like: sun dried organic olives, dulse sea vegetables, flax oil, organic walnuts and our signature spice mix.  We are guessing that cucumbers, avocado, kale and mustard greens  are readily available at your local market. If you like to come up with your own recipe that’s great! We like to hear about it. Send us an email and we’ll feature it and give it your name.  For example: “Sue Miller’s Gorilla Sandwich fillings.”

About the Original Recipe

Alex  Stenzel created the Gorilla Sandwich because he wanted to have a healthy meal for in between creative thinking and athletic activities. Something that wouldn’t weigh him down but yet fill him up and give him energy. The ingredients for the original recipe make for a perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates and unsaturated fats. Because they are stuffed into a cucumber the whole meal is also very alkaline.

Preparation for Picnic and School

Gorilla Sandwiches are easy to make and  can be prepared in batches (check out our recipe for various size batches in or “23 Recipes That Make You Strong” booklet). Gorilla Sandwiches are the perfect meal to go.  You can throw them into you back pack when you go rock-climbing or surfing. Your kids will be excited to take a Gorilla Sandwich  to school not only because it’s a full meal but it’s also super cool.

Patent And Copyrights

Gorilla Sandwich is an original idea create by Alex Stenzel. It’s a trademark, copyright protected and patented. You cannot resell it unless you license it from us. If you like to become a reseller please check out our reseller section at the menu above.

Your Gorilla Chef Team